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We are happy to introduce our newest outreach led by pastor Pepito Indus and his wife Rosie.  This was our first outreach together.  And it was so great to see their youth group and young adults activly involved with feeding 150 kids, sharing the gospel and getting them involved in praise, prayer and games.  I am looking forward to my visit there January 30, 2018.



Christmas day with the children of the Lumbangan dump was exciting as Louise and her team shared Christs birthday with kids who have less then nothing.  These kids live by scrounging the dump for food every day.  We make an effort to be there once a week to provide them with a hot meal and the gospel of Christ.  Christmas morning was special.  Not only were we able to provide 150 kids with a hot meal of fried chicken, rice and veggies, but we also provided groceries for 130 families.  So much joy on everyones faces.



On Christmas day in a mountainside village of the island of Leyte, our team was able to provide hot meals to 230 very needy children.  As always we shared the Gospel with the kids and made sure each of them had a tract to read.  In addition to the meals, each child received a brand new christmas toy.  These kids were so happy.  For most that was all that christmas had for them.  230 toys for 230 children.  Thank you everyone who is partnering with us to be a blessing for christ in a place where there is a great deal of despair.



Once again our thanks goes out to the Philippine Bible Society for providing us with 200 copies of the New Testiment in Tagalog.  Along with them, Generic Pharmaceuticals and Robinson's Retail Stores were also instramental in making these New Testiments available.  We at Philippine Inland Missions are truely gratful for your generosity.


In addition to this blessing, the "Super Book Club" has made three full copies of season #2 of the Super Book series on DVD available to us in Tagalog.  The Super Book Club is also part of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the 700 Club.



Usually I take this time to tell you about the children we are feeding in the Philippines. And even though we fed nearly 500 kids this week I want to tell you about another meal. I had breakfast with a long time friend.  We started talking about our grand kids and he told me about a Christian animated video series they watch together called “Superbook”. These videos are all professionally produced. I watched the trailer and was blown away. Quality bible stories for kids. 

The best we do in the Philippines, now, are distributing bible tracts and teaching when we can. But it dawned on me. While we are feeding these kids in the remotest parts of the Philippines hot nurishing meals why not make it a movie nite as well. Some of these kids have never even seen a tv before.  Our goal is to set up portable "theatres"  consisting of HD projectors, 100" screens and a Bluetooth sound system to serve each of our three outreaches consisting of 9 provinces. All of this will be battery operated (rechargable-no site electric) 

and give these kids a reason to come out and hear about Jesus, through professional quality bible stories. 

Watch the trailer



Outreach Utap Leytey

December 5, 2017


Our Team in Leyte is always reaching out and finding needy children in the obscure provences.  Here in UTAP, you can see with what difficulty the team brough hot meals and gospel tracts to the kids of this village.







It is so amazing to see these kids and to reach out to them with food and the gospel.  They are beautiful.  And the team there serving are the most amazing brothers and sisters in Christ I have ever met.  Sheila and her brother Jethro and his wife Richelle.  Not to exclude all their kids who all join in to cook, prepare and serve those whos needs are greater.

115 New Testaments Distributed

Working with the Philippine Bible Society, Generic Pharmaceuticals, Robinson's Department Stores and Christ Fellowship Centris, we were able to receive and distribute 115 New Testaments in Tagalog to various locations in the Philippines.  40 went to the youth bible study program at Christ Fellowship Centris Church, 50 went to the employees of Barangay 171, Manila, after Pastor Boyette Molano shared a salvation message at the flag raising cerimony, 10 were sent to South Catabato, Lake Sebu, to a small village of T'boli people, and the remaining 15 were given away to barangay officials and children in Tacloban, Leyte. We are preparing now to pick up an additional 100 for distribution in Zamboanga and Hinatuan.

Hot Meals Out-Reach


On average, we are feeding over 1000 children per week.  Generally, we serve a meal consisting of rice, chicken and vegetables with spices and eggs at a cost of $0.24 per child.  Occasionally, we give the children a treat consisting of rice, cocoa, milk and eggs.  100% of your donations are used specifically for to minister to the childrens needs.

Outreach in Zamboanga


We prepared hot meals in two locations in the province of Zamboanga, feeding nearly 200 children. In the morning we set up on a street location, and later that day we brought the meals into a local school. 

Outreach in Tacloban, Leyte


We prepared Hot meals for over two hundred children in Leyte.  The team here, lead by Sheila Christian Balais, has been very fruitful.  Sheila is a committed christian and volunteer.  Her heart is as the heart of Jesus.  She is His servent.  Thank you, sister.

This is an incredible story of a young Filipina


Let me tell you a story about a young woman who lives in Luzon.  About five years ago her drug addicted friend became pregnant.  The mother did not want the baby and was ready to have the child aborted.  However, her friend could not fathom the thought of the mom killing her baby.  She pleaded with the mother but the mother was determined to terminater the pregnancy.  The young woman agreed to pay for all medical costs and raise the baby once it was born if the drug addicted mother agreed not to have the abortion.  The mother agreed and true to her word, the drug addict abandoned the child and the young filipina became a mother and has been now for six years. I met this young filipina and the child who calls her mom.  The child is now 6 and the filipina is 32.


Recently, I became aware that this young woman was struggling financially.  Since part of our purpose is to help filipino families start small self sustaining businesses, we helped her start a laundry business.  She and her sister will be partners at washing clothes for friends and neighbors bringing in very needed extra income to provide a better life for them all.

Zamboanga Outreach


We showed up unexpectedly in a "tent city" in the province of Zamboanga yesterday. The tents are old blue tarps standing along side a busy highway. We came bring lunch's box of fried chicken, rice, veggies and tracts about Jesus and salvation. Kids came pouring out with grateful hearts. Poverty is life here. Hope is a dismal expectation but we bring the hope that is found in Christ alone. 



A hot meal was served to the children in Tacloban.  Thank you to our donors and prayer partners.  It is great to see so many children come out for a hot, nutricious meal of Arozcaldo (chicken, rice and veggies).  I've sat down and ate with the kids in the past and want to tell you this recipe is amazing.  This is Sheilas doing.  It is so good, we are now using this recipe in Zamboanga, Sindangan and Puerto Princessa city.



As you may know, one of the the things we do to help the Filipino people is to create self sustaining small businesses.  In South Catabuto, we helped a young family start a small piggery.  There were some snags along the way but one year later, our investment of two pigs (one pig unfortunately died) has yielded 10 piglets.  The piglets will be sold in two weeks and will yield a 900% profit.  The family will then purchase a second sow from a different stock and bread it along with their first sow.  the anticipated return is 48 additional piglets in the next 12 months.  Even selling the present litter will bring a great deal of needed money to this family.



Sept 16, 2017


This is Lumbangan Dump, Zamboanga, Philippines. We were there yesterday serving homeless children fried chicken, rice, veggies, bottled water and bible tracts. There is no water in their location and they must travel a good distance to retrieve it. These kids live on the dump. You can see their shelters on the hill tops. some have parents. Some don't. these kids are so beautiful. They just want to be kids. We would love to plan a water delivery once a month for drinking and hygiene and provide soap, tooth paste and brushes and shampoo. Your gift would go a long way to make this happen. Partner with us. Your tax-deductible gift goes so far in the Philippines. One dollar will feed 6 children that hot meal. Thank you to our partners and their generosity for making this outreach possible. To help support this work, click on the "Donation" button and make a tax-deductible gift.



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